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Wantedly Job Search: Prospecting For The Right Company

Have you ever accepted a job purely based on the money and overall security of it? If so, you probably found that you did not genuinely love that job. Go figure! Finding a job that you genuinely love and working for a company that holds the same values as you can be very difficult. In fact, it can sound almost impossible! Well, that’s what Wantedly Job Search is here for. Read on to learn more about how Wantedly can help you prospect for the right company.

So, What is Wantedly?

Wantedly is a job search site that focuses on matching you with a company that carries your same vision and values (rather than focusing on just the salary and benefits). The service also happens to be free for all users! That means free registration and applications, and absolutely no limitations on how many job posts you can apply to.

Wantedly is different from other recruitment services since the job postings do not include any details about salaries or employee benefits. Instead, companies promote their vision and goals. Wantedly encourages its users to “visit” the company first, and then negotiate specifics later. This way, you can truly focus on finding a company that speaks to you and aligns with your values. Essentially, this platform is reinventing the job recruitment process for both employees and employers.

Akiko Naka, Wantedly CEO, claims that when a salary is addressed in the job description, people tend to focus too much on the money they will make, and forget to consider if they would actually enjoy carrying out the responsibilities of that job. Wantedly believes that if a company’s values are in sync with yours, you would become more emotionally committed to that company and its goals. Therefore, you would care significantly more about your work.

How You can use Wantedly to Find the Right Company for You

If working for a company that aligns with your values sounds appealing to you, then here’s how you can maximize the benefits of Wantedly:

1. Tell your story

Considering Wantedly emphasizes the importance of values in the workplace, it is important to tell your story and be true to yourself. Employers on Wantedly want to know exactly who you are and how far you’ve come. So, be creative! Create your own personal brand that represents who you really are. Afterall, what sets you apart from other candidates is you — and this includes your goals, ambitions, hobbies, interests, and of course, values.

2. Make it a habit to check in regularly

The more active you are on Wantedly, the more chances you will have at getting noticed by other companies. Wantedly has a “scout” function for employers, which picks out user profiles that are most active on the platform. Bottom line is: if you want to be seen by a potential employer, check in regularly and boost that “Wanted” score.

Here’s how you can remain active:

  1. Check in on new job postings and apply regularly. Remember, new companies are posting and hiring every day on Wantedly.

  2. Connect with friends. Not only is connecting with friends on a job search service fun, it also helps you rack up those points! In addition, you can ask your friends to endorse your skills, which helps boost your credibility.

  3. Read Wantedly’s feed. Yes, there are articles you can read too! Articles are posted weekly and can give you an insight into a company’s culture, as well as offer practical career advice.

3. Visit companies and attend events

While searching for a potential job, Wantedly allows you to request to visit the company you’re interested in on more casual terms. That way, you can learn more about them and see if you’re a proper fit. Once you get in touch with the company you want to visit, you can decide when and where to meet through direct messages. You can even visit the company virtually! Companies also organize networking events on Wantedly to meet potential employees. Frequently attending these events establishes you as an active job seeker and enables you to learn valuable information by simply attending. It’s a win-win!

Ultimately, finding a job you love seems almost impossible, but it doesn’t have to be! Taking advantage of the job search service, Wantedly, can help you prospect for the right company and find your dream job, so bring your passion and be persistent!

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