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The Best Healthy Alternatives for Toddlers

Taking care of your health in this day and age is very important, especially when it comes to nutrition. Giving your toddlers healthier food is very important to keep them connected to a healthy lifestyle, especially as they grow up and mature. This is also a good way to keep yourself on a healthy diet and lifestyle because you'll want your kids to learn from you. Here are the best healthy alternatives for toddlers!


Yogurt is a good alternative for kids because it has protein and calcium in it. Calcium is good to help your kids grow because it helps with developing bones. Most yogurts can be healthy, but when looking for the right brand, don’t get the yogurts that are marketed to kids. Most “kids” yogurts are high in sugar. Also try to avoid the ones that contain fructose. Getting a plain yogurt and then sweetening it with fresh fruit or natural sweetener is a healthier option. If your kids are refusing to try the yogurt, try and find flavors that taste like their favorite ice cream.


Many people don’t realize popcorn can be a healthy grain. It is only unhealthy in cases where you down it with toppings like butter and lots of salt. Keep the toppings simple but good. I recommend a little bit of butter and your favorite grated cheese on top. It's easy to make and it's always a good snack.

Ants on a Log

Ants on a log was probably the most common snack I had when I was younger, and still make myself today. Clean some celery, throw on a couple tablespoons of peanut butter, and then add some raisins, and you officially made a masterpiece! This snack is a good way to get your kids to eat vegetables, and it's playful. Celery, peanut butter, and raisins are a good balance of carbs, proteins, and fats.

Nuts and Trail Mix

Once you feel comfortable enough to give your child nuts, then definitely start to do so. Nuts are high in healthy fats, antioxidants, and fiber. They are also good in supporting growth in children. Along with nuts, trail mix is another healthy snack for your kids, especially when it's on-the-go. Most trial mixes you'll find at the store will have more sugar added because of the candies they put in them, but it is pretty easy to make trail mix at home, and make it healthier.

Cottage Cheese

This snack is rich in protein, and a good source of B-12 and calcium. B-12 can help with growth and brain development in younger kids. My favorite snack with cottage cheese are a few slices of peaches (which is a natural sugar) mixed with the cheese. Most cheeses in general are made up of fat and a good source of calcium.


Oats are high in soluble fiber, which can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Along with a lot of other snacks, getting the oatmeal packs from the stores are going to have more added sugars. Making your own oatmeal and naturally sweetening it will be the best option if you want to be healthier. Or, seek out a brand from the store that is lower in sugar.

Just a Few Options

As a parent, you are the one that will choose how your kids will grow up eating what they eat. These are just a couple of healthier snacks you can give your kids, but the variety of healthy foods you can find are enormous. Once you find out what your kids like or might like, find different ways to make it with other healthy options, and then start expanding their minds to other foods. Giving your kids healthy snack options instead of options with added sugar and fat is a better way to keep them healthy. Get your kids into non-packaged snacks and start them off on a healthier diet!

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