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How to Handle Stress for Parents

Although it may be paid in hugs and kisses rather than paychecks, being a parent is one of the most rewarding, yet stressful jobs that an individual can have. Unlike your typical 9-5 gig, being a parent means working around the clock, with no vacation time to spare. Yes, this job may be difficult to handle at times, but parents are the true superheroes of society, with nothing that they cannot do. To make your life easier, here is a list of helpful tips to handle stress, for parents.

The Tips You Need To Follow

1. Leave the outside stress outside.

Although this sounds redundant, I mean just that. Separating work life from home life is an essential way to keep your parenting stress at an all time low. By venting to a friend, breaking down and working through your thoughts, and taking deep breaths before stepping into the door, you can more easily forget about excess stresses when switching from work mode to parent mode. When it all comes down to it, nothing can cure a stressful day better than a hug from your child.

2. Participate in activities that make both of you happy.

Sometimes taking a trip to the crowded gymnasium or the chaotic playground can be more stress bearing than enjoyable. Rather than dreading this quality time, find activities to participate in that you both find fun. If that means coaching a sports team, do so! Not only does this mean more bonding time with your child, but such activities can be a means of releasing your own parental stress as well.

3. Take time for yourself.

You may have heard the saying, “sleep while your child sleeps”. Whether you are raising a tired newborn, entertaining an energetic toddler, or navigating teen years, taking time for you is important no matter the stage of life you and your child may be in. Long walks, warm baths, or sitting on the couch with a book in your hand are all great ways to reduce the stresses of parenting and feel more fulfilled with yourself inside.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

No ego is too large to forget asking for help when you need it. As pediatrician Dr. Pomeranets once said, “You’ll make better decisions, you’ll be a better listener, and you’ll enjoy interacting more with your children. You’ll be less tempted to yell and more likely to model proper behavior for them.” When thinking of it in this light, asking for a second hand is in the best interest of your child and definitely something to consider in times of need.

5. Connecting with other parents.

Amidst the worst tantrums, the most restless nights, and everything in between, just know that you as a parent are never alone. By picking up the phone or walking over to see a neighbor, chatting out your stresses with fellow parents is a great way to reduce the helplessness you may be feeling inside. In the end, no burden is yours to bear alone.

6. Finding balance.

The easiest way to feel overwhelmed with parenting is by maintaining a poor work-life balance. Avoid overscheduling yourself and your children to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with being occupied every hour of the day. Similar to taking time for yourself, finding ways to manage your own personal stress will ultimately make you a better parent for your child. Although you may be responsible for raising a life other than you own, that does not mean you need to neglect your personal wellbeing in doing so.

Stress For Parents: Nothing You Can’t Handle

At times, the tasks of parenting may seem impossible. However, in moments like those listed above, you must remember that reducing your personal stresses will make you a better parent, friend, spouse, and overall person. Stress for parents is normal, and one must always be reminded that even in times of immense struggle, parenting is nothing you can’t handle!

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