• Isabelle Weiner

The Ultimate Guide to First Time Promotions

Securing your first promotion can feel like an absurd pipe dream; after all, you don't have experience with playing the politics of the office. You might feel like it's in your best interest to simply keep your head down and continue with your work rather than entertain the idea of moving up the corporate ladder. This is especially true for women: sometimes, the idea of shattering that glass ceiling can seem like an insurmountable task. You might be thinking that your energy can be better spent elsewhere. However, with some conscious actions in your presentation and effort in your interactions at work, you can leave a strong impression that is sure to make your employer see your potential.

Exude Positivity

You can't hope for a promotion if you’re only doing your work: that’s just the minimum! It's important to put extra effort into your job if you want to be considered for a promotion; your approach to assigned tasks is equally important. If you're constantly griping about all your work and have a case of the Mondays every day of the week, your employer is certain to notice your negative attitude.

Employers want to reward those that display enthusiasm and an eagerness to work, and to work hard! If the thought of plastering a grin on your face every morning is too painful to imagine, at least keep your grumblings to yourself: save them for your commute and leave that negative energy behind when you enter the office.

Know What Is Expected of You

It's important that you know what your boss is expecting from you. If you don't understand your employer's expectations, you risk disappointing them by not meeting their needs or standards. If anything, you want to know those expectations so that you can exceed them and make your boss notice your productivity!

Asking for clarification on your responsibilities and checking up periodically to see if your duties will change over time can show your employer that you're being attentive and care about the quality of your work.

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Be A Team Player

Taking initiative in group projects, offering to help others, and establishing good camaraderie with your coworkers are all good ideas if you want to curry favor with your supervisor. Showing that you can work well in both individual and team settings lets your employer know that you are adaptable; it also suggests that if you were promoted, you wouldn't bring any toxic water cooler gossip up to corporate.

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Express Interest about Promotions

When you hear about promotions, make sure you throw your hat in the ring, even if it's an opportunity in a different department from yours. You might assume that because you're an employee, you will automatically be considered for a newly open position, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Make sure to submit your name for positions even if it seems obvious that you'd apply for it.

You can also talk to your boss directly about receiving a promotion, just be careful to not sound whiny or demanding. Instead of asking for one on the spot, think about broaching the subject by asking what it would take to be considered for a future promotion. That way, your boss sees you going the extra mile for a better position instead of expecting one.

Give Your Boss Reason to Promote You

Don’t reason that you deserve a promotion based on the amount of time you’ve spent with a company; just because you've been in a position a long time, doesn't mean that your boss will see that as a reason to promote you. Your employer needs to get something out of your promotion, too.

So, when you get extra responsibilities, lead a project, anything that might be considered impressive, record it so you don't forget about it. Then when you are ready to talk about a promotion, pull out your list of achievements and sell a promotion to your boss. As much as we'd like to believe that getting that first promotion is all based on hard work, it's also about how you present yourself. So be conscious and assertive to get what you want!

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